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February 22, 2012


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Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Nice blog post Susan. Your little area of the world is lovely and inspiring.
♥, Susan


Susan I love, love, love your workplace and I could be happy as a pig in sunshine in there. When my kids were young and lived at home all I had was a corner in the den. I made it my own with
my sewing machine, and a cabinet that held all my fabric. My girls shared a bedroom that we had added built in dressers and desk which has a long counter across.
I took the mirrors down and it makes a great sewing room/studio. I have 4 sewing machines along that counter.
I told my girls when the last one left, oh how I will miss you but
joy,joy I get my own space. YAY!!!
I keep lace, zippers and other braids in old vintage suitcases.
I have two old wooden ironing boards, one I use to iron on. Great post you did and your right everyone needs a little space to call their own.

Musings from Kim K.

I've certainly enjoyed your studio posts. I agree that everyone needs a little space to call their own. We converted our guest room into my craft room. It's the perfect get-away.


What a sweet little space to call your very own!
I loved reading about it.


I'm so in love with your creative space and your vintage style. I love to repurpose vintage items for storage too-- much more fun!


I love it, I love it! I have a small storage building that I want to convert into "MY" Studio only! Thanks for the inspiration!


I love your studio, so many sweet touches. I too buy vintage items for my craft room.It is fun to see how others use vintage items for storing supplies.

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