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May 07, 2012


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Adorable :)

Can't wait to see the inside, too!


Thank Patrice! I can't share the inside until my article is published. But it's lookin' good!


I love the decal on the front, this bin could be used for so many reasons. Can't wait to see your article.


Well,well Crafty Sue you HAVE been busy. I can't wait to see the inside. Looks Great!


It looks great, Susan!!


Looks great. I love your styling. that apron is to die for.


Love the blue on the vegetable bin. Excellent job.


I had not been by in awhile and wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's day!


I adore this vegetable bin, you are one lucky girl to have found it. I am wondering how did you spray paint it and still keep the flowers on the front completely intact?

I just signed up to get your emails but didn't see how I could follow you as a blogger besides Facebook, Twitter...


Lynnie~ Regarding your question on the veggie bin... I carefully covered the vintage decal with Vaseline before spray painting. When the paint was dry, I simply wiped off the petroleum jelly.

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