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June 12, 2012


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Susan~ Those are the cutest things ever. I love them and if I still had my bike I would be crocheting me one, only here it
would stay muddy all the time. I wouldn't care I would still want one. When I was a
young girl I was riding without hands and
my bike hit a large rock and down I went.
I was on a road I was not suppose to be on
and daddy said that is why I wrecked. I still have the scar on my knee and remember
his lecture well.(I also had a mark on my rear from daddy) I still like riding bikes and ride my daugthers when I get a chance.
I love bikes, but to dress them up like these and they serve a purpose too is just awesome.
Thanks for sharing.

Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise

Oh my, I love those!! What a great idea!
My brother lived in Holland for several years, and when I visited him, I was amazed at all the bicycle traffic! Definitely cuts down on the gas consumption!


Here in Belgium bikes are also rode year round, in spite of the weather regardless of the attire. I am always amazed by the women in skirts, one hand primly keeping it in place the other steering. Rain, snow or shine ... They are all cycling days.


Susan, the whole post is fantastic. Dress guards: an unbeatable combination of design and function on vehicles that are good for our health and our environment. I wish I lived in a place where you wouldn't get killed if you rode a bike to work. The photos are great; especially love the old (looking?) bikes. Hope you get your new one soon!


These remind me of the granny square you posted a while back.


it is possible buy somewhere this on line or find out a tutorial??


Hi Eloisa,

There is a company called Simeli in the Netherlands that sells them. Here is the link:

Also, there are a few other types (both ready-made or patterns) available on Etsy at this link:

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