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June 04, 2012


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Beautiful throw you found Susan. I have mom's granny square throw that she made
during the depression. It is made from
wool thread and has multi-colored squares
with a black background. She had trouble
getting the thread because of the depression. She finally finished it. It
was always on the back of our sofa for as
long as I can remember. I love the granny square bike, and I have never thought of granny square dresses. Pretty neat!!! Oh and I use to have one of those hideous plaid couches, but not quiet that ugly.


I love the granny square bike. How ingenious! As for the granny square everything else - somethings are just meant to be blankets, not high fashion.


My mother still makes granny square throws!

Dorothy Prudie

Great article and photos. I admit I never liked the Granny Squares until they started making a comeback and now I've stolen my Great Aunt's aphgans from my Mom...lol. I love the kitschy feel of them. The mini dress above is to die for. Love the Neiman's bag too...ditto the bike. Thanks for sharing.

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