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August 15, 2012


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Susan I bet that is an interesting book.
She certainly was an interesting woman, but
I didn't know she was that tall. I used to
watch her on PBS and get so tickled at her
when someone would do something wrong,
she would correct them.


I had read her autobiography a few years back because I was curious about her stint in the OSS...I've always loved reading true espionage stories. Yes, she worked in espionage during WWII and it is where she met her husband, also OSS.
Some of my favorite books are the ones written by Countess Romanones (The Spy wore Red). She was a young American girl working as a garment model in New York when she was recruited by the OSS and sent to Spain. It reads like a fairy tale & in the end she married a Count.
There was another book by a famous femaletennis player who also was recruited as a spy during WWII because she had a photographic memory (ha, I've forgotten her name).

Felix Will

Indeed, Julia's life is such a remarkable one. Happy 100th brthday Julia. If you are still alive, you will be hugged by your loved ones.

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