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September 20, 2012


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Sue, It's A Very Cherry World!

My guess is the wood soap powder holder! If I'm wrong, you can send it along to me, lol!


That would be my guess also. Very cute too, love the cherries!


I'm guessing the wooden cherry soap holder.


First I was going to say the fan - then I thought about the soap holder - and I know you love them!



Now Susan you know I collect vintage kitchen items with cherries on them...:)
Your gonna keep the soap powder dispenser,
AREN'T you...:( I love it!!! You have found some of the neatest things...again...as usual. You have such a good eye! I have one of the cannisters to the bread box and tray you have. Please take a picture of your new space after you get it all fixed up.


Since I'm Susan's husband, you'd think that if I called her and prodded her for some hints, she'd help me out so I could look smart, but no. So since I'm on my own on this one, I'm throwing out two guesses: the blue teapot, or the red and white picnic tin, since she's such a fan of those.

birdie blue

i'm guessing the green lidded 'flowerpot' cake tin, maybe?

best of luck with your booth, susan. it sounds like it will be absolutely charming.



My guess is the New York guide book! Doris In CT


My initial thought was the cat tin... but I really love the floral round tin with green top and red flowers... so maybe that's it? Can't wait to check out the booth in SoNo!


It has to be the soap powder box/pitcher.

If it were me, I would have to keep that, the bread box and the round tin with the green lid. I love that. I saw one a few months ago and it was in such bad condition, I had to pass on it. That bread box looks like it is in perfect condition. WOW.

I hope you are having a great weekend.


Too hard to guess & I'd want to keep everything...well, I'll say the aqua-green planter since I know you have a collection in those colors.
Cute that your husband got in on the act. :)

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