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November 07, 2012


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Fabulous valance! I didn't know where the popsicle sticks were going and I'm awed by effect! (Yay Ohio, too!)


Well Susan, who woulda' thunk it...tongue depressors lookin' so pretty. Awesome!!!
That reminds me of the 1960's hanging beads in the doorways. (which by the way one of my twin grand daughters have)(the one that is an artist).
I am so glad y'all have electricity now. How many times did you flip the switch for
the light to come on when you had none. teehee!


Elsie~ You're right! They are reminiscent of beaded door curtains. Regarding the lights — we all flipped so many switches during our powerless week that once the electricity came back, almost every light in our house was on! :)


There was a lot of cheering in this house, too! I'm glad things are getting a little bit back to normal for you.


Those valance looks semi-window blinds and it looks awesome. I like the great effect for those people who will see this. It's good idea, tongue depressor really rocks! Hats off you.


I am thrilled by the election outcome, too.

Katie Nicoll

Wow! Your stick valance project really turned out beautifully! If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were the one behind the design at the Trohv store! That really is a nice touch. I’d like to try this one, too, but I would think about it first. It may not be practical since our location is prone to getting a lot of sunshine, so we need curtains to keep out excess heat.

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