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March 28, 2013


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Rachel Chodorov

Four Little Kittens was my first book. Looking at the photos brings tears to my eyes. I remember every detail. My mother read it to me until I was able to read it for myself. In 1940 there were not so many books published for children as today. I had about 7 books which were read over and over and over. At 8 I began to write my own stories.
Thanks for the memories!

Rachel Chodorov


I have this book! It was my mother's as a little girl. So sweet. But I have to say - the eyes look a little "glassy" to be real kitties.


Susan I am laughing so hard, not at your book but at me. I can remember dressing up my kittens and my pig, yep a real live baby pig. I put the pig in my doll clothes and then put her in my doll carriage and covered her with a doll blanket. I strolled right up into the house and almost made it to my room, but the pig started squealing and mom started screaming to get that pig out of this house. Boy did I get in trouble. Those were some good memories. I love your book and if those kitties were real he did a better job than me, because my kitties fought hard against clothes. Hence the reason for dressing up my pig.
Thanks for reminding me of my sweet little pig "Susie". You can now get up off the floor from laughing.


Maybe, it's just me but these pics are creepy. 1934 was before photoshop so I'm thinking taxidermy...the feet look odd, the eyes & how else could they get a kitten to pour tea & use a knife?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Just discovered your fun blog...I'm a new follower!


It's so cute!!!!

Kristy l.

I wish I could go to the kittens rummage sale and buy that cute wooden rolling pin! What a fun book!


I had this delightful book as a child and never forgot it. One of my wonderful cats was actually named Agamemnon because of the story. Alas, the book was either lost or sold during one of our home library culls.


My Mom had this book. I loved reading it as a kid.

Delvine Nally

I had one of his books which started out"One, two, three, four, five, six counted little Polly Fluff. Only six more days until school starts." Sure wish I could f9nd a copy of it.


I had this book as a child back in the late 50s. In fact, I likely still have it -- will have to go look through my children's books. What a flood of memories and emotions the pictures evoked.


Frees did many many cards and books, not only with cats but with puppies and bunnies, and reportedly used only live animal models, including his own cats who appeared in many of his works. No taxidermy, unlike some other "cute animal" photogs who did nothing but. It has been said that he put the animals' heads in some pictures through a backdrop that had the body, paws etc. on the front which would make sense to me as in some of the photos the necks look unnaturally small and pinched.

Susan Lazenby

I have this book! I dressed my kitty everyday and she loved it. My book pictures look real and never doubted that my kitty could do all those things. BTW there's a doggie book and bunny book, too. But it was this one that I loved. She went on long strolls through our neighborhood and even wore a dolly's crocheted cap, embroidered baby kimono, and booties. She'd stand-up, but she felt maybe the clothes were straitjackets because she didn't want to move after I put them on her. She slept in my arms and about lunchtime I set her free. However, my little carriage was her night time bed.


I had "Four Little Kittens" and "Four Little Puppies". I would love to find an online version (.PDF), that I could have and preserve. I was born in 1968. I had these books as a kid. I'd love to have them again.

I'm slowly reacquiring bits and pieces of my childhood... Dean Martin's "Houston" album (on CD), "Cowboys and Indians" by Cowboy Joe (available on iTunes), "The Six Million Dollar Man (33 & 1/3 record; available online), etc.

Barbara cady

Golly, what a jolt to run across these pictures! My grandma cut them out (from newspaper, I believe) and pasted them into a brown oilcloth type scrapbook for me which I still have somewhere.. I'm 88 now so you know it has been a while.


I found the book on Ebay. $40!


I agree with the person who mentioned the back drop. If you notice, there is a burlap type background in all the photos. The paws probably arent really the kittens paws. You could arrange each scene and then just stick the kittens head through a hole in the backdrop.


"These photographs are taken at incredibly high shutter speeds to capture a pose and an expression without any discomfort to the cat or cats involved. No artificial substances are used - just love and patience! And the cats seem to respond beautifully to the attention and caring that surround them."


I had this book as a child and have looked for it many times without success. I was beginning to think it was all in my imagination. When I finally found it, of course I had to own it. Seeing these pictures brings back such wonderful memories.

Kay K Hodge

I have this book without a cover. It was my favorite as a child (I'm 84 now).
Finding a place where I can buy it is amazing. I have to buy it. Thanks so much.

Marilyn Claunch

Can I purchase this Four Little Kittens book? How?
256-332-1845 Marilyn

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