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September 24, 2013


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Susan Ericson

Congratulations on the sale and the house sale. Are you staying in the same area? Is this a downsizing move? We are at that point and just beginning.


Yes, with both of our kids in their early twenties now, this is a downsizing move. Wanting to stay near our close friends, John's job, and our daughter in NYC, we are only moving about two miles away. What a process this has been... Twenty-three years of stuff to sift through!


I came to your estate sale and am now the happy owner of your wooden ironing boards. I picked up a cute green tin basket. Love all of it!

Good luck with your move.


CeCe~ Thank you for coming to our estate sale! I know you'll enjoy those ironing boards. We used them for parties in our backyard. They are perfect to set up end to end as a rustic buffet table.


OH MY GOODNESS...Susan I love your short hair...sooo cute on you. I am so glad you did well with your sell. I sure would have been there if I was closer. Oh my, I hope I never have to move; with all my collections.
We have been in the same house for 44yr. so you can imagine what all I have. LOL. They must have run out of pink beads, so they gave you blue. That's o.k. I know you looked good in your blue. I can't wait to see your new place.


I have my baby bracelet just like your's...also blue!
Your '80s hair looked good...unlike so many BIG DOs...mine was just frizzy.


oH Susan...I missed the sale 8( I'd have loved your textiles. SIgh. Oh well. Glad all is well with you.Can't wait to see your Cottage.

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