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December 20, 2013


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Oh Susan everything is sooo dang beautiful. I find that quite interesting that the Mona Lisa is only 30". I pictured it to be much larger than that. I want to know, did you and John put a lock on that fence...hmmm.
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I truly enjoyed them for I know I will never get that far away from home.


Thanks for your comment, Elsie. No, we didn't actually put a lock on the bridge. Perhaps in spirit!

Kristy l.

My husband and I were in paris in August for our 20th wedding anniversary so I enjoyed comparing photos! I was surprised the grass is still green in November, but I hope you weren't cold. We enjoyed using the metro too and made life easy. We loved the whole city! We missed the lock and key thing though! Dang, a good reason to go back I'd say. :)


I thought the Mona Lisa was smaller than that!
I spent four weeks in Paris and never went inside the Louvre. I sleepwalk in Paris in my mind. I think it is the wonderful place on earth.

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