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January 05, 2014


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That is a cute table . . . and just perfect for you!
Your home is coming along nicely- hope it's done soon. :)

Kristy L.

Gosh, I love that table! So pretty. It would make me happy just to look at it everyday, and maybe make me want to sew more!:) Your house is beautiful. It will be so fun to decorate it when it's all done.


Susan I love your archway and your new family room. I really, really love your new table. My mom had an aqua and white one, would you believe it's still in the old shed at my mom and dad's house but it is not in good shape at all. I love yours because it is red and it has the teapots or coffee pots, I'm not sure which.
You might just start a new fad with the fridge in the living area. I bet it would be just fine for all the guys because that would mean the food is near their chair. LOL.


Ah, love the sweet vintage table...I've always loved them but never found a decent one for a great price...still hoping.

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