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January 21, 2014


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I have always loved the old restaurant style dishes...I have a few pieces in my dish cabinet right now :) Can't wait to see your kitchen....blessings


Oh, there is nothing better than those thick white dishes. I love them. I am down to two bowls in my kitchen. I have three sets of 1930s dishes...but the bowls are minuscule! I'm going to get a cup of coffee right now and peruse your interesting blog.


Love Fishs Eddy! Get some of those floral glass storage jars too. (Just remember they don't bounce like the plastics). You will never regret buying all white dishes - go with everything and compliments any food served on them. I still use mine from 42 years ago!! How exciting to follow your new digs.

Louise Houghton

Oh what a store! I am gradually acquiring some old crockery and table ware and trying to replace things as they crack or are past their best.x


Wished I could come too! That looks like an awesome place for restaurant ware. Cool store, dang Susan y'all have the best places up North.


So cool! I love the restaurant wear with the green drip edges.


ware! not wear.


So cool! I love the restaurant ware with the green drip edges.

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