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February 24, 2014


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Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Wow. That is one gorgeous kitchen! Love the subway tile and paint color (would you mind sharing?) and, of course, the pretty vintage pottery. Great job!


Hi, as I mentioned before, this is my dream kitchen. You got everything perfect and I think the cottage theme makes a big kitchen still seem like home. I don't know how you could stay true to that theme with stools that have backs though, if that is what you are thinking. I think some thick-yarn needlepoint floral seat covering would be right and in the 1940's that could be floral motif. They wouldn't have to match as long as in your colors. There is barkcloth, of course. This is a good question!


Gina~ Thanks for your lovely comment! The paint is Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist #695.


Ginene~ Thank you for your kind words and input! Good point about the stool backs!


Just perfect. I'm sighing (with a bit of envy.) Well done, Susan!



Thanks, Claudia! :)


Looking forward to cooking many wonderful meals in our beautiful new kitchen for my even more beautiful wife.....


I love your new kitchen. So much light, counter space and cabinets. Love it!


It turned out great...could ya send those guys my way? :) I love that you gave it the era that it was born in, with a updo since I know those old kitchens are tight & your being interior no natural light. It also kinda reminds me of the kitchen from the movie, 1959 "Imitation of Life" which I always thought was awesome and timeless.
It's great that you can display your pretty pottery in the glass front cabinets..that's what I want too for my colorful vintage pottery (it would be safer for mine in our earthquake land to be behind glass).
Also, you sure are lucky to have a husband who cooks!


Susan it is beautiful!!! So light, roomy and the counter space...WOW! I love the way you displayed your pottery and how all of it came together so well. I love the lights and they are of the period. You did so well putting everything together. Tell John I want to come eat a meal there, it's so darn appealing and awesome! LOL.

Lemon Tree Tami

I really like the soft colors you used in the kitchen ... very soothing and tranquil plus just a wee bit vintage.

Frank Diurno

The Kitchen space looks fantastic!


It's absolutely beautiful! The kind of kitchen I would put in if we ever remodeled our house. :-)



Can you please tell me what you used for your countertops? Thank you much.

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