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April 23, 2014


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It is simply fabulous. One of the prettiest, I've seen. I found something rare a few years back. Two individual tall cabinets that went on each side of a porcelain kitchen sink with the drainboard built it. With a cabinet like yours, and two tall ones like I have, a kitchen was set up and ready to go without any built-ins.


Love it! I've seen them called "kitchen pianos" and in Australia "kitchenettes". We have a "play" sized one made for children (hoping this link works):



Thank you for your research! I restore these cabinets and am always looking for information on them that is almost impossible to find since there are so many manufacturers. I have one of the largest ones like this and have been looking for information. The best I had found was that it was distributed via Montgomery Ward and manufactured by Sellers.

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