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May 06, 2014


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laurie magpie ethel

That penny would have sold me too! Love the open concept look at you have done a great job with colors/layout etc..super inviting!


It's really beautiful! Very soothing to look at and I'm sure, to live in.
I am very taken with your bread tin . . . is it a reproduction or truly old? It's exactly what I've been looking for, down to that shade of green!


My green enamelware bread box is English, from the 1930s.


Hi Susan~ I love how your cottage turned out. It is truly beautiful. I have the white bread box like your green one. I love enamelware. I love your fireplace with the penny, that is so neat.
I wished now we would have done that back in 1973 when we built ours. I love a fireplace made with stone.


Thanks, Elsie! Always lovely to hear from you. :)


I love your space! The aqua colors you used are my favorite color. Have you thought about submittiing your pictures to be showcased on House of Turquoise blog? I bet her readers would love to see what you've done! I've enjoyed it.


Thanks, April! Now I'm off to check out the House of Turquoise blog...


So lovely! Any chance you could post any “before” photos? Absolutely love how you transformed the space!


Hi Helene,

Thanks for your kinds words regarding our reno! I wrote a blog post a while back showing lots of before pics. Here is the link to that post… https://bit.ly/2qWf2e9


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