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September 25, 2014


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Oh my gosh Susan you did excellent on your trip to the falling off the wall plaster house.
I love the red shelf, the salt and pepper shakers and the funeral basket. I have a round funeral basket from the early 1800's. I have in sitting by my mantle in the dining room.
You know I love the child's sink, too cute.

Fox and Finch

Susan, your likes are my likes, we would be going for the same things if we were at auctions at the same time. My favorite is the fabric shade with the printed winter scenes. Lampshades are my dearest love. I rarely part with an old one with scenes on it. I spent a long time trying to find the one we had in our family room when I was a kid.
It is a lot of work, listing on line, isn't it?


Ginene~ You're so right. Listing on line is quite a lot of work. I miss my shop when all I had to do was find great items, spruce them up a bit, and slap on a price tag. So much easier! :)


You have been very busy!!!!


Yes, I have been busy... Stocking up in time for holiday shopping!

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