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September 08, 2014


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Yes Susan, my sewing room. It is my haven and I could stay in there all day and create. Your studio is so pretty and organized, I don't blame you it makes me smile.


My sewing room is my favourite room of the house, too, Susan!
I love looking up from my sewing to see my vintage tins, old Namatjira prints, my Grandma's sewing basket, and my Mum's wooden darning "mushroom", its now-faded red dome is a constant reminder of coating it with Mum's lipstick about 60 years ago!


P.S. I omitted to mention how much I love your room, it is so cheerful and must be a dream to work in.


Elsie and Susan~ How wonderful that you each have a sewing rooms. In this part of Connecticut, all the fabric stores have closed and it seems as though no one sews anymore. I love to sew and I do hope there are still many others like us out there!

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