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January 27, 2015


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Cindy Powell

I say the same thing to my Mom when she complains of the cold. "Mom, it is winter!"

I've been enjoying your instagrams!


We managed to evade most of the snow when it tracked further east than predicted. I hope it's awfully pretty where you live with all that fresh snow!


Kristy l.

It was 60 degrees here in South Dakota yesterday so we had a beautiful, unexpected weather day! It won't last though. This weekend will be more winter like. I do love a good snow day and I hope you had a nice day yesterday!


Claudia~ So lovely to hear from you! Yes, the fresh snow is awfully pretty. But in a few days, not so much!


Kristy~ 60 degrees sounds divine! I'd take a day or two of that!


Susan your snow is pretty, but when it starts melting not so pretty. Enjoy it while you can.


Thanks Elsie! 😊

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