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August 05, 2015


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How sad to know your home which provided your family with many happy memories is going to be torn down. Maybe you can save a small part of it for your new home - say a shutter or that cute birdhouse in the garden, or even a piece of wood to make a sign - any small token from your old homestead.


Liz~ Unfortunately, that birdhouse fell apart right before we moved. However, I did take a small one. Now it hangs on a pretty Dogwood tree in our new garden. I also dug up a clump of my favorite plant which is spreading quite happily here. If I would have known they planned to rip out the garden, I would have taken a truckload of my beloved perennials with me. :)


Well all I can say Susan is they had no class, LOL! That was a beautiful home with a beautiful landscape. It is so very sad
to see such a wonderful home go to waste.
I can't believe they took the garden out, how rude! LOL! It looks so lonely, not at all like you kept it.Your right those big giant houses look like office buildings or hospitals to me, cold and no character.


Jeez, Susan. That sign would have knocked me off my bicycle. I don't understand people. It was such a lovely home and your property so thoughtfully and beautifully done. Sickening to see the perennials gone. But your new home is beautiful and you've enhanced it's comfort and appeal to just your liking. And the photos and the memories of your former home will always be treasured.


This is very sad. I loved your home and yard, it would be a dream to live there.


Love these comments... Thank you all for the kind words!

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