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March 06, 2016


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Happy Blogiversary, Susan! I'm so glad you're still here!



Claudia~ Thank you! And I, you. Doesn't it seem like blogging has fallen out of favor? Too much work and brain power expended I suppose....


I am glad you are still here. I have signed up for many blogs, but there are only a few that I try to read when there are posts and your blog is one of my favorites. You are right, there is so much going on online that blogs seem quaint and old fashioned. Sometimes I can tell that my age is showing and as you well know, getting older in American does not mean getting better in our disposable, faster and faster culture. Oh well, I have learned the only thing that I have control over changing is myself. It requires a strong will to hold onto your beliefs BUT to also know when changes are required and a good thing.
I will step off my soapbox and again, congrats!

Ginene Nagel~Fox and Finch Antiques

Your eye candy photographs and inventory, to say nothing of your fabulous workroom, continue to be my go to place when I need a "product" fix. Huge congratulations for nine years of success!


Ginene and Susan~ Thank you both for your readership and kind words!

Kristy L.

Well, I'm glad you are still here too!! I love reading your blog for many reasons. One is I love your decorating style and so enjoy looking at your sewing/craft room. It's beautiful as your whole house is. I share the same love for the vintage green you do! Congrats and happy blogiversary!


I really enjoy reading your blog. I loved following your new cottage makeover and seeing the treasures you buy and sell. Happy Blogiversary!


Kristy and Leslie~ Many thanks!!! :)


Susan I think I have been reading your blog that long! Happy Blogiversary! You are a great writer and photographer not to mention how creative you are. Thanks for the years and your right so many bloggers have quit.


Elsie~ Thank you for your many years of loyal readership. You're the best! :)

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