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September 06, 2018


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Jenny Young

Oh please tell me if you know anything about the little turquoise teapot in your video? It's bear the beginning in the first minute at .53.

I have one that was my great-grandmothers. Mine is the same color & style with a slightly simpler pattern. No flower on the handle or lid. I'd love to know the maker.

Super sad about your tea room. I'm glad you've kept your blog though because I love it.


Well, first of all, it makes me mad when towns let people tear down a lovely well-kept historic building to put up something "new." And, second of all, I can completely understand your chagrin at the building owner for counting his/her chickens before they hatched! Some people think it is better to keep a tenant who is trustworthy and responsible rather than cash in, but some just go for the fast buck. I don't know if the building owner was meeting all of his expenses, maybe not, perhaps that is why they wanted to sell. But, it sure didn't seem to work out to well. I see buildings sit here, deteriorating and empty, because the owner isn't able to get the rent he/she wants. I wonder how that works. I see buildings empty here for ten years and the owner won't lower the rent. Do you know what the economic reason for doing that is? I didn't go to that school. Ginene


Jenny~ Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog! They are much appreciated. The teapot you are referring to (with the flower on the handle) was made by Shawnee Pottery.


Ginene~ Many thanks for your comment. I agree with all that you said!!


I live in Guilford Ct and have wonderful memories having tea with friends at The Tea Cozy. The food, ambiance and service always made for memorable afternoons just relaxing with cups of tea & a tasty lunch. Needless to say, we were very sad to hear of the closing -especially since all of our other favorite tearooms have closed as well, for one reason or another. Your tearoom was absolutely lovely and we always looked forward to our time together there.

P.S.- Several of my tea friends are gone, so this post was especially meaningful for me. Thank you


Meant to say T Party not Tea cozy, although the tearoom was very cozy and welcoming.


Liz~ So nice to hear from you! Many thanks for your kind words regarding my tea room. I’m so glad you and your friends were able to enjoy time there together.


I loved the video. Thanks for sharing it with your readers. I'm so sorry your tea room's existence was cut short.


Cindy~ Thank you for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed the video!


They did not renew your lease because they were sure that they were going to make more money. It is funny how things work out. Keep blogging for everyone sake.

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