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February 24, 2021


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Hi Susan...I just discovered your wonderful blog, and love it so much, I started over from the beginning and am glad I have many years to read through! It’s been a rough and stressful past month and I was feeling very down, but your blog really lifted my spirits. I love your aesthetic, and your tea shop looked amazing. I live on the opposite coast in Southern California, but feel like you’re a kindred spirit. About 7 years ago, I had a booth at a local vintage store, and many of the things on your site remind me of that happy spot (done more for fun than profit, but oh so fun to do displays). I hope, in addition to your Etsy and Instagram, you keep up the blog with all the uplifting eye candy photos and details of day to day life. It’s made me want to try Susan’s Blend tea, but looks like that’s no longer available! I rarely post anything, but just wanted to let you know the impact you’ve made with your charming blog.

Susan Borgen

Kelly~ Many thanks for your kinds words! They are very much appreciated. It means a lot to me when someone like yourself reaches out to let me know that my blog has helped to brighten their day. I have truly enjoyed writing it for the last 14 years. However, I plan to retire it at the end of March. Not to worry; all existing posts will still be accessible, but I won’t be adding anything new. I do hope you will follow me on Instagram.

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